bees, please!

Music about the disappearance of honeybees.

Sample Program:

Guillaume Balay            L'Aurore Sur La Forét
Edward MacDowell      An Old Garden
Rimsky-Korsakoff          Flight of the Bumblebee
Sarah Davol                  Etude in d minor (The Bee)
Elise Carter                      Honeybee
Edwin Avril                      To Be a Bee (or not to be)
Kevin Kim                      The Lone Queen
Monte Morgenstern        Enough Said
Frédéric Chopin           The Bees
John McMurtery           Hive Mind

           Woodwind quintet and piano

The Tortoise and the Hare

Program of storytelling and music for ages 3-8

Aesop Fable about the race between slow-and-steady tortoise
and the
fast-and-reckless hare.  Adapted and set to Classical music by composer John Falcone.

Listen to a storyteller and live music.
Participate in the music with professional musicians.
Learn about habitats of turtles/tortoises and rabbits/hares.

Some programs will include a live rabbit and turtle for children to meet.

Oboe, bassoon, piano, and storyteller


music of the WETLANDS

Music about wetlands and their inhabitants.

Sample Program:

Margaret Lowe           Dawn Carol
Kevin Mallon               The Reeds Grew Brighter
Sarah Davol                 Estuary
Dawn Avery              Tulpe
Dawn Avery                Wanbli Galeshka
György Ligeti             First Bagatelle
Mira Spektor              Provincetown Suite
Vincent Persichetti    Pastorale
Tomoko Ohno         Waterplay

Woodwind quintet, piano and percussion

the heart of the wood

Music about conserving trees and forest inhabitants
Autumn Leaves, The Ash Grove, Roots, and more.

Woodwind quintet, piano, and percussion

music for monarchs

Classical and Jazz music about the miraculous journey of the Monarch Butterfly

Sample Program:

Herbie Hancock          Butterfly
Paquito D'Rivera            Aires Tropicales
Valerie Coleman         Danse de la Mariposa 
Monte Morgenstern      The Flight of the Monarch Butterfly
A Little Gift                     Joan Tower
Sarah Davol                   Long Road Back
Binnette Lipper             Homage to a Monarch Butterfly
Juventino Rosas            Flores de Mexico
Tomoko Ohno               Chou

Woodwind quintet, piano, and percussion